UARK Wellness Online Update

In response to the current situation regarding the Coronavirus, we have created an Online Wellness Calendar and an Online Wellness Resources page! Despite not being able to offer our in-person wellness classes, we want to continue to provide online wellness resources to students, staff, and faculty at the University of Arkansas. This is a time of uncertainty, change, and heightened stress/anxiety. There are many things out of our control right now, but the one thing we can do is take care of our wellness! The Wellness Calendar includes FREE online practices that you can do at home, including yoga, meditation, tai chi, qigong, and more. We will also be posting the weekly wellness practices on our Instagram page: @uarkwellness. Follow us to remain informed and up to date on all thing wellness!

We hope each and every one of you are making time to tend to your own wellness in all 8 Dimensions. Please share these online wellness resources with friends, family, and anyone you think would benefit from them! As the situation continues to change we will be sure to work diligently to update our Website and Instagram page accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through email:, or direct message us on Instagram!

Below are links with more information regarding Wellness during this time:

Social Wellness refers to one’s ability to establish and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.
Environmental Wellness is being aware of, caring about, and nurturing the external world.
Occupational Wellness is about finding gratification and enrichment in one’s career.
Spiritual Wellness is living with meaning and purpose by exploring one’s personal values, attitudes and beliefs.
Financial Wellness involves understanding and responsibly navigating one’s monetary situation.

Emotional Wellness is the process of understanding oneself and adequately managing the challenges life brings.

Intellectual Wellness involves using a variety of mental abilities to help individuals organize experiences, problem solve, think creatively and expand their knowledge.
Physical Wellness promotes maintaining a healthy quality of life that allows for an optimal balance of health and mobility.