University of Arkansas Community,

As the nature of higher education continues to change, so do the ways in which we engage students, faculty and staff. The University of Arkansas is dedicated to sustaining an environment that enables growth, development, and the success of our entire campus community.

Today, students attend the University of Arkansas not only to increase their intellectual abilities, but to heighten understanding of who they are as individuals. Each student is made up of a myriad of distinguishing qualities that make them who they are. It is our responsibility to encourage these unique qualities and the overall success of our students – one student at a time – and provide them with opportunities for self-discovery and growth outside of the classroom. Additionally, as an institution we must help them find their place at the U of A so that they feel a part of something bigger than themselves. Our duty is to ensure that we provide the tools to help facilitate this process. The UARK Wellness Initiative provides a fantastic and easily accessible opportunity to accomplish just that.

The UARK Wellness Initiative is not exclusive to students as we also invest in the personal and professional development of our dedicated faculty and staff members. The initiative will play a major role in assuring that the U of A is consistently making efforts to enhance the campus environment, and help to more publicly reinforce a culture that promotes caring for and sustaining one’s wellbeing.

I support the UARK Wellness Initiative, because it helps us take a more holistic approach to wellness, it encourages resilience, collaboration and innovation, and is a proactive step toward enriching the lives of our entire University of Arkansas community.


Joe Steinmetz
Joseph Steinmetz
University of Arkansas