Wellness Coaching

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are now offering Online Wellness Coaching through Zoom or Phone. If you are interested, fill out a request form here.

Feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Anxious? Out of balance or dissatisfied?

The department of Wellness and Health promotion wants to help students achieve academic and personal success, which is why students have access to FREE wellness coaching provided by certified wellness coaches. Wellness coaching is offered either individually or as a group.


What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching is designed to help U of A students improve their lifestyle behaviors so that they are living well in a conscious and mindful way. Wellness coaches are professional certified health educators who will help you identify your strengths and plan specific changes you want to make to improve your academic performance and overall satisfaction with life.

During coaching sessions you will:

  • Establish an alliance of support and accountability with your coach
  • Identify the priority areas you want to change
  • Receive referrals to other campus resources if appropriate (*Wellness coaching does NOT include psychological assessment, counseling, or therapy, fitness evaluation or personal training, nutrition counseling, or medical care)
  • Practice basic anxiety reducing and centering techniques
  • Engage in assertiveness and resilience skill training
  • Create and successfully implement your personal behavior change plan


Benefits of Wellness Coaching

Having a well life contributes to success and increases overall life satisfaction with a sense of personal balance. Benefits of working with a certified wellness coach include:

  • Helping reach your academic and personal goals
  • Learning how to eat and sleep well
  • Improve exercise habits
  • Making healthy, conscious choices that help achieve your goals
  • Improving personal relationships


To schedule an appointment with a certified wellness coach:

  • Fill out the request form here